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Our quick trip to El Gulfo de Santa Clara Feb 4/5 2006

Lots of fun for a quick over nite turn around trip

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view out to the Sea of Cortez from the porch of El Capitan

public camping on the beach for $5/day run by the local policia

view to the NW from El Capitan

a big brother helping out

don't know the next time I'll see this one.....

Kim, Beau, Steve, Scott, Michelle

hey, they even look good in the daylight

view of El Capitan from the beach

beach view to the SE

yes, you can drive & camp on the beach..... pretty much anywhere you desire

if I keep digging......

the beach is sand sand - not coral sand like at Puerto Penasco

beach side view of the only full hookup campground - we were told "you need to know someone" to get in

it's a sea ray in the foreground that washed ashore

yup that sea ray is still dead

potential hard-pack camp sites a few blocks down from El Capitan

yea, I'm cool....

Los Conchos Hotel - what do we do next meeting

Los Conchos Hotel - small rooms - $40/nite

party in the parking lot...... just before the zonies that took a wrong turn on their way to San Felipe showed up......

border crossing into Mexico through San Louis

duck hunting machine - CA dude has been hunting the Colorado River outflow area in Mexico for 20 yrs.

Very excelent restaurant just 1 lot to the North from Los Conchos Hotel - great atmosphere & food - very clean

ummmmm - ya mean we were supposed to air down first?

I think I can - I think I can - I think I can

hey, this isn't so bad

on wall in restaurant